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We will bear the shipping cost for a total of 10 or more terminals with enhanced purchases.

■ ZTE Libero 5G YM version: 7,000 yen * SIM unlock code entered
■ OPPO A73 Rakuten / OCN / iJJ / SIM free version: 14,000 yen 
■ Galaxy A21 au / UQ: 8,500 yen 
■ Galaxy A32 SCG08: 16,500 yen 
■ Galaxy S20 5G SCG01: 46,000 yen
■ Galaxy S21 5G SCG09: 59,000 yen

* If all of the above are unlocked, △ Yes

If you call us for terminals other than the above, we may be able to guarantee the price and pay the shipping fee.
Please feel free to contact us.

TEL: 03-5937-4021